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Introducing the Latest Me

Published June 7, 2013 by Kimberly Michelle Scott

Hi, everyone. For those of you who don’t know me, I am Kimberly Michelle Scott, three time best-selling author. Okay. That was a joke. I am three time print on demand published author, and I have released a new book (not so interesting now, huh?). Wait though…before I shamelessly pitch my book for you to but, ah, I mean tell you about my latest writing venture, I wanted to share the good stuff, instead of keeping it all to myself. So here are my top five events that are good news for me that you may find awesome, as well.


5. I am a contender in the next best writer competition, so go on over to and vote for me or even enter your own book!


4. I am also a contender to be published in this book project called CausePub at the same time, I am helping out one of my favorite charities, so go to and go vote for me or send in a story of your own!


3. I now have a new author webpage! So, if you are not familiar with my work (like 99% of you aren’t), go to my site and get to know little ‘ol me at


2. If you are really loving me right about now, get to know my work (and me) better (and plug your own book) at this super cool new site Bubblish at


1. My new book NAKED just came out! The publishers are jerks, but hey, I have a new boo, so go see it at


BONUS: Since you are ready to marry me (or marry me off to your most available male next to kin), go be a fan of mine, at


Thanks for your time! Please feel free to respond! I just have one last request, errr…I mean question. The writing gods have shined on my day today, and I always wanted a blog (and everyone told me I should have one), do you think this would make a great first posting??? I thought I would give the sarcastic, frank, and humorous side of me a try. (I am always so serious). My blog may be a chance for others to see another side of me. Let me know what you think. Oh, yea…(again), I tried all the links, so they should work, but if they don’t let me know!


– Kimberly Michelle Scott