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What a 4-year-old Taught Me about Writing – Part II

Published September 8, 2013 by Kimberly Michelle Scott

My four year old daughter came to me wanting to know what day of the week it was. I told her, “Sunday.” Of course, she asked, “What is Sunday?” In response, I told her, “A day of the week.” She looked at me—all too confident—and said, “Like Sunday and one day.” At first, I thought this was completely hilarious. Then I thought more about it later.  I have a long to-do list. It grows each day and seems more like goals that I want to achieve one day. A few weeks ago, I heard about a family suffering with three deaths within the same week…two which fell on the same day. I heard about a girl my age finding out she had only days to live. Then, today, I found out that a friend of mine actually lost a friend the other day my same age. There is a lot I want to do, and though my to-do list never gets shorter, I do plan on accomplishing and adding to it. I cannot phantom how I would feel knowing that I will never get a chance at attempting to finish my list! Like many people, I just look at the list and say, “One day I will do it.” How about now? How about instead of gaming or facebooking or tweeting just for the heck of it, finish that short story. Start on that novel. Write that blog post. Today I did. I made the conscious choice to instead of heading to Yahoo! Spades, I would write this blog instead of leaving it on the list of to-do’s “one day.” Writers, have you added One Day to your weekday?