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Primary Priorities

Published December 30, 2015 by Kimberly Michelle Scott

This guy is really down to earth with thought-provoking questions. For what are you not making time?

Pursuit for Purpose

What is most important to you? That is a tough question to answer. Easier question: Do you pay attention to what’s important to you? Yes… Sometimes… A little… Not as much as I should…

The other morning I had went to breakfast with a good friend. We met up at the bagel shop next to a Starbucks. We ordered our meal and sat down in front of the window where we could people watch. As we ate, there was a dad with three kids. He was holding a little boy around 1 year old and there were two girls around 3 or 4. He had his hands full but was doing a pretty good job. He was talking with this other person and was really engaged in the conversation.

As the conversation continued, he put down the little boy and let him walk around a little. As we were eating…

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Interview: Kimberly Michelle Scott

Published December 29, 2015 by Kimberly Michelle Scott

Interview: Kimberly Michelle Scott

Ms. Addie’s Place was a home away from home for black women who wanted to better themselves in the late 1950s. Black women from all over the south, from the deep woods of Mississippi to all sectors of New Orleans, flocked to the safe haven of Ms. Addie’s where they knew if they mind their manners (or hoped to find some) and kept their dresses down, they would earn a place in society that they couldn’t get sitting at home.
– Opening lines of “Ms. Addie’s Place” in The Collection

Author, poet, and educator Kimberly Michelle Scott, has released her most recent book The Collection: A book of short stories, on both Nook Press and Kindle Direct Book. Her previous releases include: From Now Until Infinity: A Reflection Into Womanhood (2006), From Infinity until Beyond: A Journey Into Life (2010), and NAKED: Monologues for African American Women (2013).

What sets The Collection apart from your previous books?

The Collection is my first work of short stories. My first two books are poetry collections, and the third is a collection of monologues. Also, this is my first work fully self-published by me—not represented by a publishing company. However, I put in the same amount of time and dedication as I did with the others.

Where does your passion come from? Your inspiration?

Next to my faith and my mom, with whom I want both to be well-pleased, my readers and fan-base are my inspiration. I write for the entertainment of others. When I think to myself how I want my readers to enjoy what I write, I am able to pour my heart and soul into what I write.

When did you start writing? Why?

I have been writing since I was about four years old. In Kindergarten, when all the other kids were drawing pictures, I was creating books with words and pictures on my construction paper! I have always loved writing!

What made you decide to release directly to Nook & Kindle?

To be honest, traditional publishing is hard to break into. After three tries with vanity presses (my first three books), I said why wait around stifling my readers. I have something to say that I think they will love, so I told myself to have at it. I have more control this way. While there are other projects that I am working on that I will send out to agents and publishers, I saw The Collection as a book for which I did not want my readers to wait any longer.

Any advice for aspiring authors?

Be persistent, follow your heart, and do your research.

Tell us about some of your previous projects (articles you’ve written etc.)

As an author of all genres, I have had the privilege to work on many projects. I was a Yahoo! Shine author, and I wrote for The Guardian Express. It was okay writing articles, but creative fiction is where my heart lies. Aside from my two poetry collections and my book of monologues, a memoir I wrote was featured in the book HerStory (all of which are available for purchase on Amazon and Kindle as well).

What’s next for you? (A break? Another book?)

I am always working on something. I am hoping in this upcoming year to release three books that I have been polishing, so no, a break is not in my near future!

What’s something you’d like to tell the readers about yourself?

As an emerging author, it is hard to gain readership, so I challenge you to give my books and those of other emerging authors a try! You may like what we write! There is no other “thank you” a reader can give than a review. Contrarily to what you might think, I am not too overwhelmed for my readers. I would love to hear from you, and most of all, I would love to read your reviews (even on previous works)!


Kimberly can be reached at on Facebook , Goodreads or her website.

To purchase a copy of The Collection (or any of Kimberly’s books) go to Nook Press or Amazon Kindle


Published December 29, 2015 by Kimberly Michelle Scott

Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see the possibilities… always see them… for they’re always there.”

― Norman Vincent Peale

Face it. There is no better time than the present, for tomorrow is promised to no one. There have been many times I have lacked to seize the day. I often regret these times. There have many days I want to give up, because during these times, it is hard to see possibilities, although they are there. When you stop seeing possibilities, you cease to live. I don’t mean a literal death, but you are merely existing. You are just going through the motions. We all may feel like this at times. When you feel like this. STOP. REGROUP! Then, remember how far you have come and dream bigger. Look for higher possibilities, and then go for them. What is there to lose that has yet to be gained?

Anti-Platform: How to Hide When Everybody’s Looking

Published December 26, 2015 by Kimberly Michelle Scott

Ross Gale is a writer and editor from the Pacific Northwest.

After two days of heavy traffic on my site while reading Michael Hyatt’s new book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World I went ahead and wrote the sequel.

My book is called: Anti-Platform: How to Hide When Everybody’s Looking. It’s a step by step guide for anyone who, like myself, is too famous.

Michael Hyatt’s book Platform is super helpful for bloggers, musicians, writers, unemployed 20-somethings, and stay-at-home moms looking for a practical guide on how to build a platform where you earn the attention of a following. And it’s selling out like crazy.

Seriously, it’s selling out so fast even digital books are out of stock. It’s in the top five of Amazon’s best sellers and it would be #1 if moms weren’t reading those sexy Gray books with the hot-compelling characters and voluptuous language. Platform passed Jimmy Fallon’s book and Fallon was in Band of Brothers for a couple…

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